Saturday, February 14, 2009

How urine is formed and eliminated from the body?

I. Objective
1. Describe how urine is formed and eliminated from the body.

II. Subject Matter
Science Ideas:
-The urinary system cleanses the blood of wastes.
-Each kidney is made up pf about 1 million nephrons. The nephrons are the tiny filtering unit of the kidney
Science Processes: Observing, Inferring
Materials: Pictures/ Illustrations of the urinary system, kidney, nephron.
New words: Filtration, reabsorption

III. Suggested Activities
A. Motivation
Explain how the process of cleansing takes place inside the bodies.
B. Presentation
1. Do the find out activity.
-Describing how urine is formed and eliminated from the body
2. Explain how kidneys cleanse the body of wastes and how urine is formed.
3. Explain the importance of cleansing the body wastes.
4. Generalization
Ask these questions:
1. How do the kidneys cleanse the body of wastes?
2. Why is cleansing the body wastes necessary?
C. Application
-Explain the principles involved in the operation of dialysis.
D. Valuing
React to the open-minded questions on I Value These.
E. Evaluation
Do the Try Yourself Activity
F. Extension
Answer the Find out More Activity

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